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Car Insurance helps you avoid financial hardship while you recover. When a driver causes damage to another vehicle or other property, car insurance covers the property damage for which you are responsible.


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Golden Gables Insurance is your source for affordable and comprehensive auto insurance in Florida.

Operating a vehicle without car insurance in Florida is illegal. However, not all auto insurance coverage options are necessary or even mandatory. It is important to understand how different coverage options affect legality and safety. Golden Gables Insurance car insurance agents can help you develop a personal auto insurance plan based on your needs and budget.

Both liability coverage and personal injury coverage are mandatory car insurance in Florida and help protect and ensure the well-being of all drivers in the state. First, personal injury coverage (at least $ 10,000) insures the injured driver against loss of income, childcare expenses, medical expenses, and other costs, in the event of an accident.

Auto Insurance Protection

Personal injury insurance helps you avoid financial hardship while you recover. When a driver causes damage to another vehicle or other property, liability insurance (at least $ 10,000 in coverage) covers the property damage for which you are responsible. Even the best drivers can take responsibility for things that are beyond their control; You may not be able to avoid such an accident, but you can ensure that you protect other drivers by maintaining liability insurance.
Golden Gables Insurance is here to help you seriously consider the number of other coverage available. What insurance coverage is correct? You can get them through your current provider, but they are not the best or most appropriate for your situation. Also consider that Florida, like New York and Michigan, is a no-fault auto insurance state.

Did you know that Florida insured drivers are allowed compensation for losses, even if he or she was the party that caused the loss?

CAR INSURANCE COVERAGE: Liability coverage, Under insured coverage or uninsured coverage, Collision coverage, Personal injury protection and more. We can help you understand no-fault insurance and other auto insurance coverages, so you can choose the right type of coverage. Many have already changed their car policy thanks to our advice. Contact us today to determine the coverage that is right for you.

• Liability coverage.
• Under insured coverage or uninsured coverage.
• Collision coverage.
• Protection against personal injury.

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Thank you to Mr. Albert, you are the best. You save for me a lot of money, advising and spending time by chosen the best and cheaper insurance company with same benefits and the expensive ones.
Joel Garcia
Delia Linares is pleasure to work with. After checking out the competition we found them to be extremely competitive and they offered us a more than fair price. Highly recommended!
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They took wonderful care of my sister. The service was outstanding. I can't believe they found the discounts they did. They seemed to understand her needs before she even told them.
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