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Golden Gables Insurance offers the best prices in health insurance in Florida.

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Buying health insurance in Florida on your own can be complicated and expensive. Golden Gables Insurance is an insurance agency based in Florida where we offer free advice, as well as a free quote for health insurance. We help you pay just enough for a health insurance according to your needs. Our specialists show you the best health insurance, for you to choose from. If you can’t afford the high prices of private health insurance, we help you apply for the Obamacare subsidy. For the Government to pay for part or all of your medical insurance.

What is health insurance?

Health insuranceis a contract between you (insured) and the insurance company of your choice (insurer). It establishes the coverage, prices, conditions, duties and rights of the insured and the insurer.


How to get health insurance in Florida?

Health insurance in Florida is obtained through an insurance agency like Golden Gables or by calling the Health Insurance Marketplace on your own. However, by calling Golden Gables Insurance Agency we guarantee free and honest advice, as well as saving your time and money. We specialize in health insurance in Florida. Our advice is free, and we work with all the insurers in the market.

Our goal is that you feel satisfied with the health insurance you choose while ensuring that it meets all your needs. Choosing the right health coverage in Florida ensures that you pay for what you really need.

Health insurance in Florida can be obtained through the employer or can be purchased individually. The state offers health coverage to those people who cannot purchase private health insurance in Florida, such as Medicaid.

Dates and deadlines to buy health insurance in Florida

Buying health insurance in Florida has dates and deadlines. The Open Enrollment Period is the time by which we must all buy health plans. If you are not satisfied with your health plan, you can get another type of insurance within that time.Open enrollment to buy health coverage begins November 1 and ends December 15. It is possible after this period, you can still get health coverage from the Marketplace.

Can you buy health insurance in Miami outside of the Enrollment Period?

You can apply for health insurance in Florida after the Health Marketplace closes, if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). There are a number of qualifying events, if for example: you lose Medicaid coverage, lose your health insurance from work, change residence, get married or get divorced, if you get another immigration status, if you adopt a child, if you leave the jail, among others.

What do I need to enroll in a health insurance in Florida?

 Before calling our health insurance agents in FL, you should make sure you have all the documents and information required by the Insurance Market at hand, although if you do not have documents there are always other health insurance options that you can access. Personal identification, your social security number, green card or other legal immigration documents and proof of income, the name, address, phone and email of each member of your family who will apply for coverage.

Who can buy health coverage in the insurance market?

With the emergence of health care reform, also known as Obamacare, everyone who lives in the United States has benefited. With a few exceptions, everyone has the ability to get cheap health insurance in Florida. The Affordable Care Act eliminates discrimination based on gender and pre-existing health conditions.

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In the United States, to be able to buy coverage in the insurance market, you must be in the country legally and not be in prison. Immigrants who are in the country legally can purchase insurance through the health insurance marketplace. This is not the case for undocumented immigrants, who can access other insurance companies outside of the health insurance market. But just because you’re eligible to buy health insurance through the Marketplace doesn’t mean you’re also eligible for subsidies.

What information do you ask me to prove eligibility?

In most states that have a Federal Health Market, individuals are required to submit documentation that proves their eligibility to buy health insurance through the Marketplace. tells you what documents to submit and how to submit them to verify your eligibility. If you submit the documentation on time but the insurance market considers that it is not enough, you can apply for an extension of your special enrollment period. If your documentation is not verified by the end of the 60 days, the plan you chose will be canceled.

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Thank you to Albert, you are the best. You save for me a lot of money, advising and spending time by chosen the best and cheaper insurance company with same benefits and the expensive ones.
Joel Garcia
Delia Linares is pleasure to work with. After checking out the competition we found them to be extremely competitive and they offered us a more than fair price. Highly recommended!
Natasha Rose
They took wonderful care of my sister. The service was outstanding. I can't believe they found the discounts they did. They seemed to understand her needs before she even told them.
Mike Gonzalez